the academy is NOT moving… YET!

You may have noticed the sign in front of our building… This is not due to a confirmed plan to move but simply part of the process of exploring potential new locations as we look to expand our program offerings and continue to grow our legacy institution…

the nutcracker 2019 (full-length video)

Enjoy this full-length video of our 38th annual production of The Nutcracker…

our 38th annual production of the nutcracker – tickets now available!

Staged every December for the past 37 years, this professional production includes Academy students that are enrolled in our ballet program…

our 6th annual production of alice (2019): full performance video

Enjoy this video showing our full 2019/6th Annual Production of Alice…

2019-2020 season registration

Another Westport Academy of Dance season is rapidly approaching…

summer 2019 dance camps

Join us at the Academy for various summer dance camp programs…

please join us at our upcoming alice perfomance

please join us at our upcoming alice perfomance

Spring is here and so is Westport’s Academy of Dance 6th annual production of Alice!

the nutcracker 2018 (full-length video)

Enjoy this full-length video of our 37th annual production of The Nutcracker…

dance and the importance of emergency preparedness

Westport’s Academy of Dance is proud of our own Teacher and Choreographer David Fernandez and Student Charlotte Barrato for helping The Mayor’s Office of New York City and The New York City Emergency Management Department…

wywl’s craftwestport 2018!

Please join us at The Westport Young Woman’s League CraftWestport 2018 at Staples High School…

This recital weekend we enjoyed several amazing performances and celebrated Miss Tollie’s 20th year teaching at the Academy. To honor her, we have created a video that highlights her incredible career. Thank you Miss Tollie for all that you do for the Academy!


Special thank you to Miss Caitlin for putting this wonderful tribute together.



Reflecting on 40 years, we didn’t know what to expect when students were asked their thoughts about dance and their experiences at The Academy. What we found brought smiles, tears and such a deep sense of gratitude. This video is dedicated to all the students, parents, teachers, and members of our dance community – those that create these moments, making each and every day memorable.

(Full-screen view is recommended – please click the arrows in the lower right corner of the video player, next to “HD”)


A very special thanks to all that participated in the video shoot. Please stay tuned for more video releases!

Westport’s Academy of Dance’s student choreographer talks about her experience and inspiration for the creation of her piece. Come see it performed in the Diamond recital May 31st at 2pm!

NameOlivia DiMarco

Age: 17

Is this your first time choreographing a piece for the stage?

In a way this is my first time on a stage. I have done little pieces for younger kids in camp and I have also done liturgical dances at church.

What was your inspiration for this piece?

I heard a fun song called masterpiece on the radio. So I went home to listen to it again and after it played another song called masterpiece came on. It had a different beat and with the changing tempos I came up with the idea to have two different styles of dance at the same time.

Have you been influenced by any choreographers in your life or during this process? 

I didn’t know much about hip hop going into this process so I took a lot of inspiration from watching hip hop videos online. I also was inspired when looking for duet tricks. But of course everything I choreographed I had learned to do myself at some point in my life so really the inspiration came from all the dances I’ve done in my life.

 What have you learned from your experience? 

I have learned how hard it is to choreograph. I have also learned what it is like to work with girls my age and how things in my head may not always work out how I Would like them to. 


For tips and info on preparing hair and make-up for a performance, click to watch the video above

Download demo video for iPhone by clicking here

Scenes from our 2014 Spring Recital performance – Photography by Kerry Long.

April 25th-May4th is National Dance Week! To celebrate and acknowledge our love for dance, we want to join in the fun!

A special poster will be hanging on the wall by studio 1 where you can write, “Why you love to dance” and share with everyone. Maybe the music moves you or you love to dance gracefully like a ballerina. Whatever the reason, we want to encourage everyone to share their love for dance!

The studio is BUZZING this month with Alice and Workshop performances only two weeks away! Shortly after that we have our Spring Recitals and then summer is here! Talk about a great month of dance! Be sure to get your tickets to both of these wonderful events today!

In other news, some of our little dancers performed in NYC this past Monday for Academy teacher David Fernandez. The performance titled “Encore!” was a great success and a wonderful experience for all! Congratulations to all of the dancers involved!




Usually supporting from the wings, this year three academy teachers stepped onstage and into the background to help highlight one of our graduates, who has the unique the ability to embody each choreographer’s individual style, as well as cultivate her own.

Scenes from our 2013 Spring Recital performance – Photography by Kerry Long.

enjoy…we all did on saturday, 6.1.13

Scenes from our 2012 Spring Recital performance – Photography by Kerry Long.

Scenes from our 2011 Spring Recital performance – Photography by Kerry Long.

wow!  watching our senior recital was a treat!  our dancers, teachers and staff worked so hard to make today possible and it was fantastic.  enjoy some pictures of our eager performers!

three great shows were performed by our dancers on saturday, may 21st at bedford middle school.  creative movement, primary and junior recitals were amazing thanks to the hard work of our students, teachers and staff.  pictured below are eager dancers waiting to get their turn on stage!

Great job keeping this a secret before the performance! Bravo to David’s choreography and to all the company girls and “special guest” dancers for making this piece fill the room with energy!

Click above to view the video clip

The DVDs are here and they are fantastic!  Pick yours up in the office.  We may have extra copies for families who didn’t order them, please email us to let us know you are interested.

Click here to view the trailer. Visit our online video gallery to watch numerous clips from all 3 performances.

As always we thank you for allowing us the extra time to produce your multi-camera performance videos. The full-length Recital 2009 videos are complete.

Click above to view a montage from the performance. Visit our online video gallery to watch numerous clips from all 3 performances.


The clip above is just an excerpt, but please come pick up your copy of the full 2008 spring recital DVD from Nancy or Kris when you can. The video was shot from multiple angles and was edited using multi-camera techniques. The intention is to give you an additional viewing experience-one that we hope will give you enjoyment in the many years to come.