the academy is NOT moving… YET!

You may have noticed the sign in front of our building… This is not due to a confirmed plan to move but simply part of the process of exploring potential new locations as we look to expand our program offerings and continue to grow our legacy institution…

the nutcracker 2019 (full-length video)

Enjoy this full-length video of our 38th annual production of The Nutcracker…

our 38th annual production of the nutcracker – tickets now available!

Staged every December for the past 37 years, this professional production includes Academy students that are enrolled in our ballet program…

our 6th annual production of alice (2019): full performance video

Enjoy this video showing our full 2019/6th Annual Production of Alice…

2019-2020 season registration

Another Westport Academy of Dance season is rapidly approaching…

summer 2019 dance camps

Join us at the Academy for various summer dance camp programs…

please join us at our upcoming alice perfomance

please join us at our upcoming alice perfomance

Spring is here and so is Westport’s Academy of Dance 6th annual production of Alice!

the nutcracker 2018 (full-length video)

Enjoy this full-length video of our 37th annual production of The Nutcracker…

dance and the importance of emergency preparedness

Westport’s Academy of Dance is proud of our own Teacher and Choreographer David Fernandez and Student Charlotte Barrato for helping The Mayor’s Office of New York City and The New York City Emergency Management Department…

wywl’s craftwestport 2018!

Please join us at The Westport Young Woman’s League CraftWestport 2018 at Staples High School…

This recital weekend we enjoyed several amazing performances and celebrated Miss Tollie’s 20th year teaching at the Academy. To honor her, we have created a video that highlights her incredible career. Thank you Miss Tollie for all that you do for the Academy!


Special thank you to Miss Caitlin for putting this wonderful tribute together.


Alice is this weekend! Check out The Inklings behind the scenes video interview and get your tickets today!


more than words


Wishing a very special congratulations to Courtney Poulos and the WAD dancers for their acceptance into the MORE Than Words exhibition.

Be sure to stop by the Westport Arts Center to view all the wonderful works that center around such an important topic facing our kids and adults alike. The exhibit is open until January 7th, 2017.

MORE Than Words/#Iammore

The Westport Arts Center announces the MORE Than Words/#iammore exhibition, featuring selected works by the community at large.   The works were designed in support of the theme of the Arts Center’s previous exhibition MORE Than Words – courage, resilience and empowerment in the face of bullying – featuring pieces by some of the most important contemporary artists of our time.

 If you would like to learn more information about please click here. #iammore

Want to see dance??? Miss Courtney and her sister Monica have created the company Tapperlesque and submitted their work to be performed September 17th, 2016. The NYC Choreographer’s Forum, produced by former Radio City Rockette Denise Caston, is an opportunity for choreographers to present their work to colleagues and peers. This inaugural event will feature styles including tap, jazz, theatre dance, and contemporary. Choreographers included in this diverse evening are Germaine Salzburg, Sue Samuels, former Tap Dog Anthony Locascio, Mark Albrecht, Kat Katona, Cooper Flanagan, Angela Morgan, Julia Kane, Monica Poulos, and more! Miss Caitlin is also performing with Miss Courtney’s Company.

Click here for more details and to purchase tickets: http://www.nycchoreographersforum.com

We had a very Spooky Halloween week at the Studio…30 Zombie Children showed up to Miss Caitlin’s Jazz/Hip Hop Class. Very Scary…

summer camp 2015




We are in full summer swing at the Academy! Camp is running offering ballet, jazz and other genres. Here is a sneak peak behind the scenes…


There is still time to sign up for the last two weeks of camp. Click here for more details!

body of work


Check out this dance video that was created for Broadway Dance Center’s Aim Invitational! Choreographed by Academy Teacher Caitlin Roberts and performed by Academy Students.


Ever wonder what your teachers are doing when they aren’t dancing in the studio. In Miss Caitlin’s case she continues dancing outside. Here is a video of her most recent dance escapades.

pointe shoe info


color point

Each year a new group of students at Westport’s Academy of Dance begins their adventure in learning the art of Pointe work. Besides all the glamor and beauty that is most often associated with pointe shoes, there also requires a lot of work. Careful preparation is taken to make sure each student to physically capable to take on this dance style.

To better understand all that goes into this beautiful art form, check out these various websites.

1. Are you ready for Pointe shoes? Click here to see how your teachers determine your readiness, http://www.danceadvantage.net/pointe-readiness/!

2. What kind of pointe shoes should you wear? Click here to find out your foot type, http://pointeperfect.com/learn-your-foot-type-pointe-fitting/

3. Want to see how pointe shoes made? This video shows how the Freed Company makes Pointe shoes. Click here to see the video, http://digg.com/video/how-ballet-shoes-get-made?utm_source=digg&utm_medium=email

What a show… a further refined Academy performance with original choreography from our own Courtney Poulos.  The show highlights jazz, tap and modern styles of dance, and features music crossing many genres.
All rights reserved” (c) 2014.

We have two great performances this weekend! Be sure to get your tickets and tell your friends!

Click here to see the promotional Alice video and meet all of the amazing characters.


This year our featured student choreographer has given us some insight into her process. Take a look.

Name: Jess Riniti

 Age: 18

 Is this your first time choreographing a piece for the stage?

This is my first time choreographing a piece for the stage and it is a great honor to be able to do so. It is such a wonderful gift that I get to close out my years at the Academy taking on the role that I have seen my teachers appear to do with ease for so long. It turns out, they’re superheroes, because it was far from easy.

What was your inspiration for this piece?

I fell in love with the song first, and then the story eventually came to me. The song in its most “in your face” form is about letting go of a significant other, but I didn’t think that was something that the dancers might necessarily be able to relate to. However I think that something that is closer to the hearts of people our age is the transition from childhood to adulthood and learning about adult things. Everyone loves childhood but longs to not be innocent anymore, everyone wants to grow up until they’re grown up and then they’d do anything to go back. There’s a fear of losing your innocence but also wanting to give it up to learn about what your parents and big brothers and sisters have bragged about for so long. So since we’re all kind of going through giving up and losing the innocence and ignorance of childhood, I thought that would be a good subject.

Have you been influenced by any choreographers in your life or during this process?

I’m an avid fan of So You Think You Can Dance so choreographers like Travis Wall and Mia Michaels are definitely big inspirations to me. The way their dances evoke such emotions from their audience members is so inspiring and it makes me want to make something that makes my audience feel the same way. I get lost in their story and the way the dancers move. Not everyone can make that happen.

What have your learned from your experience?

I’ve learned that patience is one of the most wonderful qualities in dancers. Amy and Jane have been so amazing and patient with my as I learn how to figure out each step along the way. I’ve learned what it feels like to push your boundaries, which is amazing and scary at the same time. Going into this uncharted territory helped me to feel better about going away to college next year. I came out on the other side of this long and scary journey a better person so now whatever life throws at me; I will dive in headfirst.

Winter/Spring Workshop will be performed at Bedford Middle School:

Saturday May 17th: 11:00am-12:00pm

Sunday May 18th:  3:30-4:30pm.

Alice will also be performed at Bedford Middle School:

Saturday May 17th: 3:00-4:15pm

Sunday May 18th: 2:00-3:15pm



April 25th-May4th is National Dance Week! To celebrate and acknowledge our love for dance, we want to join in the fun!

A special poster will be hanging on the wall by studio 1 where you can write, “Why you love to dance” and share with everyone. Maybe the music moves you or you love to dance gracefully like a ballerina. Whatever the reason, we want to encourage everyone to share their love for dance!

The studio is BUZZING this month with Alice and Workshop performances only two weeks away! Shortly after that we have our Spring Recitals and then summer is here! Talk about a great month of dance! Be sure to get your tickets to both of these wonderful events today!

In other news, some of our little dancers performed in NYC this past Monday for Academy teacher David Fernandez. The performance titled “Encore!” was a great success and a wonderful experience for all! Congratulations to all of the dancers involved!





Westport Academy of Dance teacher David Fernandez is at it again! Some Dance Company’s tickets for Encore! are up and on sale at Ticketmaster. Feel free to purchase your tickets, and pass the link on and spread the word! This special performance takes place on Monday, April 28th, 2014 at 7pm and is featuring some of the Academy students!

To get your tickets, Click Here! 

Also, please check out the Kickstarter campaign. Ticket sales can go to benefit Career Transition for Dancers, a great organization that has helped numerous dancers in transition from their performance careers.  Our Kickstarter link is below, and feel free to also pass it on to other dance/arts enthusiasts.

Help support Some Dance Company on Kickstater! Click Here to make a contribution!

Finally, we leave you with a fun video put together by David featuring our lovely Academy Students!


Ever wonder who choreographs the various high school musicals in Fairfield County? Well, for the past 3 months, Westport’s Academy of Dance Teacher Miss Caitlin has been busy choreographing The Drowsy Chaperone for Darien’s High School Spring Musical. The performances are on March 20, 21, and 22nd at Darien High School at 7pm. Click here for tickets!



Also look out next month because Westport’s Academy of Dance student  and Senior company member, Jane Schutte has been assisting in choreographing Shrek The Musical at Coleytown Middle School. Performances are April 3, 4, and 5th. Click here for more details and tickets!





Adult Dance Classes


With Westport’s Academy of Dance Teachers


 Classes start Monday March 10th, 2014


Special Promotion for our opening week!
Only $25 for unlimited classes!
(week of March 10th only)

Click here for more information and to be taken to the website.

Hope to see everyone dancing soon and please spread the word!

Thinking about where you might want to go for a summer dance experience? We asked a few of our Company members to share their experiences from last summer. See Below.

CPYB (Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet): Carlisle, PA

Attendees: Elizabeth Rhoads and Abby Suppan                      Ages: 14

Did you have to audition for this program?

E: No

A:  Kind of. You had to send in pictures in an echappé and attitude, but they judged your level from that and a placement class on the second day. 

Why did you choose this program?

E: I heard great things about it from my neighbor, Nancy and friends.

A: I chose this program because it was recommended to me and I went with a friend.

What was your favorite experience?

E: My favorite experience was coming back and seeing how much I improved and how much the camp was worth it.

A: I loved living in the dorms and walking to class everyday. I found it relaxing and fun because I had the time to walk and talk with my friends.

My favorite activity out of the town and off the campus was going to Penn’s Cave. It was so much fun and so cool to see the inside of a cavern. 

What kind of dance genres did you do?

E: I participated in ballet, modern, character and also supplemental classes including hip-hop, jazz, tap, modern, Pilates and yoga.

A: We did ballet, pointe, and jazz, but there was partnering offered for the older girls.

Did you learn anything new during your experience?

E: Definitely. Both times I went, I felt so much stronger and confident as a dancer as a whole once I returned. I also learned more dance moves that made others easier.

A: I learned a lot of new steps but I also improved my technique a lot

How long were you away or how long did you participate with this summer program?

E: I was away for 5 weeks but went twice, so 10.

A: 5 weeks (there is also a 2 week intensive in August)


Broadway Dance Center Summer Workshop Series, NYC

 Attendee: Lulu Busk                      Age: 14

Did you have to audition for this program?

No but there is limited room in classes so you have to sign up early

 Why did you choose this program?

I wanted to be able to commute in and out of the city, and wanted to get to dance with lots of different instructors. A great part about Broadway Dance Centers location is it’s only about a 10-minute walk from Grand Central Station.

What was your favorite experience?

My favorite experience was just the speed of it all. You are always moving and being asked to try or do something new. I loved having to learn combinations really quickly, and getting the privilege to meet so many new dancers and teachers who are all really helpful and kind.

 What kind of dance genres did you do?

Jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, contemporary all in the workshop, and then I took ballet classes in my free time in some off the great open classes offered at this school.

Did you learn anything new during your experience?

I learned a lot of new styles and tricks at this program. In turning and leaping classes I improved, and I got to attempt some new styles and types of dance like house, vogueing, gliding, and popping. I also learned how to quickly pick up difficult combinations which is a good skill to have for auditions and fast paced classes.

 How long were you away or how long did you participate with this summer program?

I did this program, and took open classes for 4 weeks but there are plenty of short workshops that students can attend.


ABT (American Ballet Theatre)

I’m Amanda Kenner and I’m 14. Last year I went to ABT Tuscaloosa Alabama. I chose this because I went the year before and I was familiar with the company. You do have to audition for it, but it’s not all that hard to get in. My favorite experience was the performance at the end, it was a recital of sorts. The intensive is three weeks long, and starts mid June through mid July. We learned ballet, modern, jazz, character, and Pilates even though it’s not exactly dance. We also took nutrition and anatomy classes on the weekends. Overall it was a great program and I really got a lot better. I learned all kinds of new steps, combinations, and dance etiquette.










We’ve combined these two great experiences into one show! Sign up and participate in one or both of these awesome performance opportunites. It’s not too late! : )


Alice – a fun and funky new take on the children’s classic, Alice in Wonderland. With original choreography from our own Courtney Poulos, this vibrant and unique performance is taking the full length production to Bedford Middle School. The show highlights jazz, tap and modern styles of dance, and features music crossing many genres. Auditions this weekend (February 1st) and Performances the weekend of May 17th!

Click here for a glimpse at pasts performances and a preview of what’s to come!

For more information and to sign up, go to:  http://westportdance.com/datadir/pdf/Alice_2014_Production_Information.pdf


Winter/Spring Workshop offers an experience for dancers to work with teachers and explore alternative movement styles. A unique performance opportunity for Jr. II, Jr. Co. and Sr. Co. dancers to showcase faculty and student choreographed pieces at Bedford Middle School the weekend of May 17th* No auditions necessary, just sign up and be apart of a creative process.

Click here for a video montage from workshop last year!

For more information and to sign up, go to:  http://westportdance.com/datadir/pdf/Winter_Spring_Showcase_sign_up_2014.pdf


WAD Teachers

Your dance teachers work REALLY hard. Want to show them you appreciate all that they do for you and for dance…Discount Dance is doing its first annual Dance Teacher Award! Nominate one of your dance teachers today!!!


Miss Nancy!   Miss Catalina!   Miss Tollie!   Miss Courtney!   Miss Caitlin!   Mr. Ted!   Mr. David!

Click here to fill out the form!


Click below to read more about this amazing way to recognize your dance teacher.




As many of you know, last month Jr. and Sr. Company members participated in National Dance Week Foundation’s Kick It Challenge. After submitting our video, we were recognized as one of the winners of the 2nd Annual Video Contest in the category of dance studios! We are so excited to be recognized for our efforts and can’t wait to participate next year.

Click here to see the results!


Also…our very own Jess Riniti was acknowledged in the Westport News for her performance in the Nutcracker!

Click here to read the article!



It’s not too late! Order your tickets, tell your friends, share our Facebook event group and spread the love for The Nutcracker.

Performed at Staples High School
Saturday, 12.7.13 at 3:00pm & 7:00pm
Sunday, 12.8.13 at 2:00pm

Call the studio for more information: 203.226.9987

Download the ticket order form

Watch the trailer from the 2010 Nutcracker Movie

A very behind the scenes look at our 26th year


Over the weekend, Junior and Senior company members participated in National Dance Week Foundation’s Kick It Challenge. This event was to promote dance and fitness in the community. After a few rehearsals, the girls performed in several locations including downtown Westport. If you missed this live performance or if you want to see it again, here is the edited video of that day. This video is also up on NDWF’s website!



Great Job Girls!

Just a few months ago, Dance Spirit ran a great feature on “The Best Stretches You’re Not Doing”. As dancers, we know how important it is to get our splits, back bends, leg extensions, etc… But we often forget about many of the other important muscles and joints that require our attention. A few examples from the article include stretching your ankles, hip flexors, inner rotators, gluteus, and chest.

Junior Company Ballet with Caitlin on Mondays will be exploring the benefits of these stretches over the next few weeks, but try them yourself and let us know if they help you.

Click here, to see the feature!


Academy dancers Kelley Flynn and Julia Rosier with Academy teacher, Caitlin Roberts


Ever wonder what your dance teachers are doing when they aren’t at the studio? Well, students Kelley Flynn and Julia Rosier got to see first hand. For over a month, Caitlin has been performing with Curtain Call of Stamford, Connecticut, in a production of Spamalot. This Monty Python inspired, super silly musical, which nearly sold out its entire run, was a wonderful experience for Ms. Caitlin. “Seeing my students in the audience made performing even more enjoyable” said Caitlin, “thanks to everyone who came over the course of the run”.







America’s Got Talent 2013 winner, Kenichi Ebina shows us once again how unique and inspiring dance can be. Working with his “danceish” style, kenichi performed some awesome hip hop moves and tricks that truly impressed the american audience.

So why does the Westport’s Academy of Dance love Kenichi? Well, besides his obvious talent and dance moves, Kenichi was Miss Caitlin’s first hip hop teacher! Want to check out some of Kenichi’s dance moves? Click here to view!

Usually supporting from the wings, this year three academy teachers stepped onstage and into the background to help highlight one of our graduates, who has the unique the ability to embody each choreographer’s individual style, as well as cultivate her own.

we had a great rehearsal on stage yesterday…enjoy the pictures and if you haven’t already ordered your tickets you can do so from our website.

an evening with some dance company-choreography by david fernandezclick here to purchase tickets on line or call 347.255.9225! a fantastic evening of dance on february 27, 2012 presented at the el museo del barrio theater, 1230 fifth avenue at 104th street nyc.  in addition to stars from the new york city ballet and american ballet theatre also performing are several of our students in a piece choreographed by david earlier this year!  grace bergonzi, member of our senior company, will also be performing alongside some of the best dancers in the world–don’t miss it!  net proceeds will benefit career transition for dancers.  we hope to see you there.


we are embarking on a new journey this summer — a workshop and summer camp featuring a fun and funky new take on the children’s classic, alice in wonderland.  with original choreography from our own Courtney Poulos, the production will highlight jazz, tap and modern styles of dance, and will be open to dancers of all disciplines, various levels and ages (5-18).  the workshop and the summer camp will commence with a performance!

click here for more information and enrollment forms

It’s hard to believe the Academy will be performing it’s 30th Anniversary production of the Nutcracker this year.  What hits me even more, is Read the rest of this entry »

The Academy is thrilled to announce that beloved former Academy teacher Theodore Pollen III will be performing the role of Herr Drosselmeyer in our 30th Anniversary Production of The Nutcracker.  Ted was one of the Read the rest of this entry »