Spring Recital: Overview

The Academy’s end of the year recitals showcase our students’ progress. Dressed in brand new costumes, each class performs their own piece on stage in a lively performance that brings the audience to its feet in celebration of another successful and happy year


Spring Recital 2019  

Bedford Middle School 







See our hair tutorial video posted on our blog here  

(how to make a classical Ballet Bun)

click here to download our performance make-up tutorial














Recital 2017 photos are now posted online and ready to order! (Diamond recital is just finishing uploading - wait until later today to order those!)

Here's the link:

There are back stage photos for both the Ruby and Emerald recitals, as well as the usual on stage shots.

Digital files may be ordered by selecting a photo, clicking "View All Products" and scrolling down to the end to "High Resolution Digital Download".

Favorites" folders may be made by hovering over an image and clicking the heart in the upper right corner of the photo. Or, by "selecting" a photo and clicking "add to favorites". 








Watch video from past performances by clicking here

See photos from past performances by clicking here

due to extreme weather, all 7:15 & 8:15 classes will be canceled on Tuesday, Nov. 25th!

2018-2019 class schedule can be downloaded here

2018-2019 registration form can be downloaded here

Nutcracker online parent sign-up  here

Nutcracker 2018 rehearsal schedule & cast list is posted here

Click here to view the WAD online clothing store

2018-2019 dress code is posted here

Recital 2018 photos taken by the amazing kerry long are available for purchase here

Alice 2018 photos are available here ... until June 30th...thank you again to the very talented kerry long for her beautiful photographs

Full length movie of our 36th Annual Nutcracker is posted on our blog here

Nutcracker 2017 photos are available here ...thank you again to the very talented kerry long for her beautiful photographs